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Family & Closely-Held Businesses

What's your dream for your business?

There's something tremendously satisfying - and empowering - about work.  This is particularly true when you are building something that's yours.  Being involved in a closely-held or family business provides an opportunity to create something, to turn a vision into reality.  It also offers a chance for you to ensure financial security for yourself and your family for generations to come. 

But then there's the nitty gritty side of the business.  Aside from the operations - which you probably know like the back of your hand - there are some financial and management issues that always seem to crop up.  Laufer LLP works as our clients' partner on a wide range of issues so they can concentrate on running their businesses - and on achieving their dreams.  We provide:

  • Small business accounting.  Every business needs it - and every business person wants it to be user friendly.  Numbers arranged a certain way may make sense to one person, but not to another.  We are flexible and responsive, helping you get the numbers you need - when and how you need them.
  • Audits, reviews & compilations.  Numbers speak volumes, but they only present a true picture if you have gathered them diligently, organized them accurately and looked at them from every potential angle.  We pride ourselves on being efficient, thorough and resourceful and conduct our work with the utmost integrity.
  • Tax services.  Compliance with federal, state and local tax regulations can be cumbersome.  But you need to approach it proactively so you don't end up paying more than you need to.  We can help you dig into the details to plan intelligently - and employ the right strategies to legally minimize your tax bills.
  • New business formation.  When it's time to start a new enterprise, we can help you weigh the opportunity, determine the right entity structure and get everything in place so you're ready to go.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.  "Growth" is a word every business owner loves.  M&A can be a profoundly effective strategy for achieving it.  As you expand, it might make sense for you to capitalize on your strengths by acquiring another firm.  Or you might become so successful that another firm seeks to acquire yours.  These opportunities must be evaluated carefully.  As your CPA firm, Laufer LLP will of course help you assess the financial situation.  But we go further than that; we help you examine how a potential merger or acquisition might impact your vision for yourself, your business and your family.
  • Nonprofit organizations.  Owners of family and closely-held businesses are among the most committed people anywhere.  Hard as they work in their businesses, they often dedicate additional effort to helping their communities or advocating for their causes.  Laufer LLP can help you set up a nonprofit organization and keep its finances running smoothly.

When you're ready for an accounting firm that understands your business is more than just a way for you to make money, it just might be time to make the leap.


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