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What's going to keep your finances - and your business - on track?

There are certain things you know you need to do to keep things going smoothly.  But you may be too busy running your business or enjoying your life to do them.  Or you may be at that sweet spot where an expert assist could be invaluable to you.  Finances - especially business finances - have a lot of moving parts.  Make an adjustment to one, and you'll probably affect all the others.  That's why Laufer LLP  offers a full range of accounting, financial and business consulting services to help our clients stop worrying and realize their dreams.

  • Tax and Audit Services to keep you in compliance and help you leverage all the growth incentives provided in the tax laws.
  • Strategic Business Consulting to set it up right, keep it growing strategically and make sure it produces for you.
  • Bookkeeping and Technical Support to ensure that you have the information you need, when you need it.
  • Specialty Franchise Services to help you get the most from your chosen business opportunity.
  • Laufer365 Technology to transform your back office into a profit center by controlling food costs, optimizing labor and ultimately increasing revenue.
  • Payroll Services coupled with the strength of our accounting, tax and advisory services to provide our clients with the time they need to run their business.
  • Wealth Accumulation and Management to establish a firm foundation for your future - and those of your children and grandchildren.
  • Tax Credit Services to take advantage of the tax credits available to you and minimize your tax liability.

If these things are important to you - and if you see the value of having a smart CPA firm on your side more frequently than during tax season - you just might be ready to make the leap.


Tax & Audit Services

Bookkeeping & Technical Services

Specialty Franchise Services

Laufer365 Technology

Payroll Services

Strategic Business Services

Wealth Accumulation and Management

Tax Credit Services




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