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Every restaurant has unique needs so we are offering a software platform just for you!

Having worked alongside franchise and restaurant owners for over 40 years, we understand your business needs and challenges as well as the solutions you hope to achieve with technology.  In the past, one of the biggest complaints we would hear from our clients is that their back-office software was not specifically made for restaurants.  With the creation of Laufer365, that is no longer the case.

The accounting team at Laufer LLP worked collaboratively with Restaurant365, a market leader in technology, to customize a software platform specifically for our restaurant and franchise clients.  Finally, there is an all-in-one restaurant software package available to help you control food costs, optimize labor and ultimately increase revenue.  Here are some of Laufer365’s differentiating features:

All-in-One Restaurant Software

This cloud-based software streamlines most of your financials and operations into one place. We know how important it is to integrate with other software applications and automate the reports you need to make wise business decisions. We are thrilled with what we've been able to create so far and will continue to augment the software to meet the changing needs of restaurateurs.

Designed Specifically for Restaurants & Franchises

You will experience the only management software initially designed for restaurants by people who have actually worked in the industry. Then, the software was elevated to meet the financial and operational needs of restaurants and franchises, including McDonald's franchisees. The software is easy to use, works from anywhere and seamlessly automates with hundreds of POS, payroll, vendors, banks and API partners.

Real-Time Reporting

Just like several other software platforms, you can access your performance reports in real-time. The difference with Laufer365 is these reports have been customized for restaurants, franchisees and McDonald's Owner Operators.

Sound too good to be true? It's not!  If your struggling with your existing restaurant technology or would like to learn more about what we consider to be the best software for restaurateurs, make the leap to Laufer365.

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