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You’re busy running a great restaurant or chain of restaurants.  If you’re like most restaurateurs, you’d rather spend your time on operations and the front of the house rather than handle the financial aspects of the businesses.  However, managing the financial health of your organization is what guarantees strong cash flow and ultimately, profits.

At Laufer LLP we help our full-service restaurant clients with all of the financial aspects of their business so they don’t have to.  Since accounting is what we do best, we handle all of the bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and tax needs to keep our restaurant clients in compliance while also providing them with services such as strategic business planning, payroll, tax credits and wealth management to make their lives easier – all while maximizing wealth.  We do it all, so they don’t have to.

One of the ways we accomplish this is with our Laufer365 restaurant technology.  Having worked alongside franchise and restaurant owners for over 40 years, we understand our clients’ needs and challenges and have worked collaboratively with Restaurant365, a market leader in technology, to customize a software platform specifically for our restaurant and franchise clients.  If you have ever dreamt of turning your back office into a profit center by having one software package to steamline processes, control food costs, manage inventory, optimize labor and ultimately increase revenue, you have found it with Laufer365.  Click here to learn more.

If all of this excites you and you are thinking of buying a restaurant, expanding your restaurant(s) or if you simply need help to make your organization financially stronger, we invite you to make the leap.


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