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Strategic Business Services

What's the long-term prognosis for your business?

When you really want your business to succeed, that quarterly or annual visit to your accountant is not going to be enough.  You need access to expertise on a regular basis to help you evaluate information, make decisions and take action to secure your business' long-term financial health - and your own.


A proper valuation is essential when you are considering investing in an opportunity - or when you need to separate from a co-owner of your business.  Laufer LLP provides timely valuations at a reasonable cost.

Cash Flow Analysis and Management

Sometimes it isn't a question of how much money is coming in the door, but rather of when it comes in - and when it goes out.  Laufer LLP can help you understand where you money is coming from, where it's going and the critical timing issues that can guarantee - or threaten - your business' ultimate health.

Strategic Business Planning

Most decisions about business growth and investment are made on the fly, as opportunities present themselves.  But having a measured, strategic approach to when and how you want to grow your business can be profoundly beneficial.  Laufer LLP can help you identify the strategies - and timeline - likely to be best for your business.

Entity Creation

The way your business is organized can have important financial and tax implications.  At Laufer LLP, we work with you to understand your goals before we recommend a particular type of entity.  We stay focused on this as your business grows and changes, sometimes recommending a change when we believe it would be beneficial to you.  Once you have made your decision, we handle all the paperwork and remind you periodically about required follow-up filings.

Succession Planning

When you've worked hard to build something, the last thing you want to do is watch it fall apart and leave you with little or nothing to show for your efforts.  Laufer LLP can help you plan for effective succession in your business, from identifying potential buyers to mapping out a timeframe.

Virtual CFO

Fortune 500 companies are known for their c-level executives:  CEO, COO, CIO and CFO.  In family and closely-held businesses, there usually aren't enough people for all of those "c's."  Laufer LLP can provide you with the expertise of a corporate CFO at a fraction of the cost.  We provide strategy, planning, oversight and compliance services that will make it easier for you to focus on what you do best.


According to the old saying, you have to spend money to make money.  But you cannot spend money you don't have.  Whether in growth mode or simply trying to make it through a rough patch, businesses rely on access to cost-effective financing.  Laufer LLP's numerous established lender relationships make us a perfect partner when you need to find financing.

Internal Controls

When a business seems to be losing money, the first instinct is to look outside.  But it's nearly always internal practices - from loose purchasing policies to inefficient cash flow to hidden handouts - that are costing you money.  Laufer LLP helps family and closely-held businesses develop and implement internal controls that save money and improve efficiencies.

If you want an advisor who is just as invested in your business' success as you are, make the leap. 


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