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Tamara Crawford

Director of Digital Workplace Experience

In today's rapidly changing business world, a robust and comprehensive restaurant management software system is essential for running a great business. As Director of Digital Workplace Experience, Tamara Crawford helps lead the Laufer365 technology group, managing the software support for both clients who adopt the powerful Laufer365 software platform and team members assisting in the implementation process.

Many restaurants are held back by outdated (or a lack of) technology, systems that were not implemented correctly or software that was not built specifically for restaurants. The Laufer365 all-in-one cloud-based back-office software solution combines key restaurant modules with integrated accounting systems to help restaurants control food costs, optimize labor and ultimately increase revenue. Proper implementation is crucial for scalable long-term success and that is where Tamara comes in.

Tamara works with clients to ensure that the transition from their existing software to Laufer365 was smooth, secure and accurate. Having implemented customized accounting solutions for numerous organizations, Tamara understands our clients’ goals and works hard to achieve them expeditiously and with great client care.  Once the integration to Laufer365 is completed, Tamara steps in to make sure the deployment of the new system is delivering results, exceeding expectatins and clients are completely satisfied with their digital experience.  Tamara makes any necessary adjustments, provides technical support and ultmately guarantees Laufer365 clients are fully benefiting from a software platform that provides them with the cutting-edge technology they need to run a productive and profitable business.

Tamara’s background in accounting, coupled with her experience in the restaurant industry, is of great benefit to clients as she fully understands how all restaurant systems should work synergistically and how technology can drive organizational transformations.

Prior to joining Laufer LLP, Tamara was the Head of Partner Onboarding & Customer Success at Restaurant365 where she managed over 400 restaurant clients after holding finance and client advisory positions at several prominent companies in the private sector. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas A&M University.

When Tamara is not implementing technology to help our clients grow, evolve and transform their businesses for sustainable business growth, she enjoys practicing yoga and training for triathlons.


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