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Do you need more from your accounting firm?

Traditional accounting firms are terrific at what they do.  Once - or maybe four times - each year, they help you stay in compliance with laws about paying your taxes.  Most of them also can provide some basic planning services to help reduce your tax bill.  But is that really enough to meet your real needs right now?

When you are making a transition in the way you earn your income, you unlock an exciting new range of possibilities.  You also confront an extraordinary range of challenges you may never have faced before.  We may be the firm you're looking for if you are:

  • Making the move from employee to franchise owner (whether you are becoming a McDonald's franchisee or working with another great opportunity).

  • Expanding a franchise from a single store - or region - to multiple stores or multiple regions.

  • Transitioning into - or out of - leadership of a family or closely-held business.

  • Moving a family or closely-held business into high growth mode, different product/service areas or new geographic regions.

  • Shifting from employment to investment income as your primary means of support.

Laufer LLP has been helping people and businesses accomplish moves like this for more than thirty years.  Our work goes beyond tax compliance and planning to encompass strategic business consulting, cash flow planning and a whole host of other things you will need as you create the future you want for yourself, your family and your business. 

We offer our clients the kind of individual attention usually associated with solo practitioners, with a depth of bench and professional staff that you would expect from a much larger firm.  Talk to us and see if it's time for you to make the leap.



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